Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions and comments answered to help you make the right decision about our shows. Thank you for reading and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


I have already participated in a bridal show…..

Bridal shows are the one place where you can meet hundreds of brides in one day. Many brides attend multiple shows looking for wedding professionals. In order to reach as many brides as you can and get your company name out there, participating in multiple bridal shows is a great idea. Now, if you are getting enough weddings to sustain your business for the year from one show, then you may only consider participating in that show. However, if this is not the case it is beneficial to participate in multiple shows. If a bride sees you in multiple shows being undecided about booking you, seeing you again can help her choose your service. Just don’t forget to make the Elegance In Bridal Show one of those shows. SMILES!


Bridal shows are not profitable for my business.

We are firm believers that when a bridal show is worked correctly it is profitable. Many business are very excited about participating in shows but make costly mistakes with their pre, during and post planning. We want your experience to be successful so we have created a semi-annual workshop helping you increase your investment return 100%. We teach you how to choose a bridal show, prepare your booth, have an effective post show plan and what to do with the leads. In addition to this if you are an exhibitor in our shows the workshop is free. If you are not an exhibitor you can still get the training and take the information with you to any tradeshow. For more information click here.


The exhibitor price is too much.

Do you believe you have a product or service that a bride or their wedding party can benefit from? Are you great at what you do and all you need is an opportunity to showcase your service? Your answer should be YES! OF COURSE!

Well then for you the bridal show is really free. Most exhibitors will make back the exhibitor investment by booking one wedding. At most it will take two clients. The Elegance In Bridal was created to put you in front of hundreds of brides that are looking to buy your services. When will you have another opportunity to be in front of the decision makers interested in your services? Participating in the bridal show is an investment in your business and when you maximize your participation you will book weddings and make back your investment and more.

The exhibitor investment is priced to be as cost effective as possible while still having enough income to market the show correctly. It takes thousands of dollars to produce a successful show and we do our best to ensure that every Elegance In Bridal Show is just that. Our shows are well attended, diverse, and has a little something for everyone.


Why should we participate in the Elegance In Bridal Show instead of another bridal show?

1. Unlike other bridal shows, we purposely create an intimate environment of 50 or less exhibitors.

2. Participants continually comment about the advantage of being able with speak to each bride and not just throwing marketing materials in their hands.

3. Our shows have a maximum of 5 exhibitors in each category giving  brides choices without giving vendors too many competitors.

4. Exhibitors receive a free listing on our site directory hyperlink to their site.

5. Exhibitors are given free training throughout the year of how to maximize their exhibitor experience.

6. Our shows provide a well rounded experience for the bride as well as you the exhibitor.

7. Through the use of Internet, radio, bridal magazines, and television advertising, we saturate the Virginia area with advertising and consistently have well attended shows.

8. We are truly dedicated to your success and want to help you succeed.


Your show only sees hundreds of brides while the larger shows see thousands of brides.

This is our favorite question /comment of all because it is true. Our show sees hundreds of brides. Typically the Richmond show sees 300-500 brides and the Charlottesville show sees 200-300 brides. There are shows that do say they see thousands of brides and if so… great. My question is how many of those brides will you speak too? How many of those thousands of brides will you book?

Our shows are purposely created to see hundreds of brides so you can actually talk to them. exhibitors constantly comment on the opportunity to speak to the brides. Most sales are about making connections and the Elegance In Bridal Show is giving you the opportunity to do so.

Many brides enjoy the intimacy of 3-5 exhibitors in each category. This way they are not overwhelmed. When a bride is overwhelmed all you become is a brochure in their goodie bag.


Your show is only 3 hours while other shows are 5 to 6 hours.

Our shows are specifically 3 hours because brides and exhibitors seem to see the same amount of the brides as a 4 to 5 hour show. Because of our fantastic door prizes a majority of brides arrive within the first hour. We have some that arrive around the second hour of the show but not enough to add hours to the show.  We value your time so if we can bring you hundreds of brides in 3 hours and provide a great show then we have met our objectives.

In the future if we increase our exhibitor numbers significantly, we will make the show longer.



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