Tech Tools: Small Business Apps for 2019

Using technology to your advantage leads to increased productivity in the workplace, and more balanced home and work life. As the demands become higher, more entrepreneurs are moving away from juggling work and home life, to integrating them. Technology has given many the freedom to work remotely, and keep their business flowing  as they communicate, build brand presence, reach and track new clients, and so much more,  all in a day’s work.

So, what are some of the most sought after productivity apps to make an entrepreneur’s life a breeze in 2019?


Diigo is a bookmarking app that allows users to “save content for later”. As you come across articles that pique your interest, simply select the website, and add it to your Diigo content list. Before you know it, you will have a collection of webpage resources at your fingertips.


This app is great for online sellers who need a convenient resource to manage online orders. Print order alerts, shipping labels, track shipments, and easily scan barcodes with your device’s camera. Compare shipping rates from top companies


This online scheduler takes the guesswork out of client management. Use this one stop shop to book appointments, manage email campaigns, and communicate with clients.


Neat offers bookkeeping made easy. Take the pressure off of expense management by conveniently organizing receipts and invoices with digital expense tracking software.

Good Task

See what’s coming with the Good Task’s reminders and calendars. Easily integrate to-do lists with your iOS calendar, iCloud, and Siri, and share with family and friends.


Great for visual learners, Trello is another task management program that gets the job done. It’s simplistic presentation, and ease of accessibility makes event organization a breeze. Customize your task lists with color-coded cues, share with associates and track changes as they arise.


Slack reminds us of a business-style chat room that allows you to share documents and images among associates. Your team can even respond to threads, and hashtag topics for easy retrieving.

Paypal Here

Need to collect a payment on the go? PayPal Here is a card reader that deposits funds directly to your PayPal account. You can then transfer the money to your bank account. Plus, there is only a 2.7% fee deducted per transaction!


Available for individuals, teams, and businesses, bring all your files together in one place. Store and share files in the cloud. Access anytime, even on the go! Collaborate with co-workers with real-time, shared editing of your projects between mobile and online apps.


Send and sign documents virtually through DocuSign’s software. Manage contracts with speed and accessibility with e-signatures that can be collected anywhere.


Never miss a meeting! Videoconference from your mobile, tablet or desktop device. This is a go-to platform that allows phone and video conferencing to deliver flexible communication for team members quickly and easily.


Keep things simple and organized in the 21st century! We look forward to a productive year for your company with these tech tools!

-The Elegance in Bridal Show, 2019

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