The Importance of Balance and Harmony in a Wedding

June 14th, 2013 | by Weddingsforever | 0 comments | Weddings

Many times we find that weddings can be events which solely focus on the feminine element. There are a host of “things to do” for a wedding from choosing a location, theme, colors, gown etc. Often, these elements are the choice of the bride – and rightfully so! In ancient traditions grooms even sent gifts of animals, money etc. to a bride; she is the “Queen” of the day. In contrast to these traditions, it is important to remember that in several cultures, a man getting married is seen as the final step to manhood. There are some communities which will not acknowledge a man as truly “a man” until he has taken a bride. The beauty of the modern wedding is that we can share pieces of all the aforementioned ideals. There is no set standard of how to engage in the wedding process. Yet, there are two important things to keep in mind: balance and harmony.

This special day has to be special for both parties involved. Being that very rarely do men like dealing with the specifics of wedding planning, the bride-to-be is usually left with the bulk of the decision making. When this happens, the male input is generally, “Yes”or  “Ok”. In these situations the wedding takes on a very feminine energy which can overpower and overshadow the very necessary masculine energy (needed for balance and harmony). So, the question becomes – “What can we do about this?” If a man does not want to be overly involved in the planning process how can we get his meaningful and heartfelt input? There is an answer – the Tuxedo!

The Tuxedo is the one area in which a man can have a say and still feel that he is not stepping out of his “manly role”. Nor does the groom have to be concerned about taking away the joy from the bride feeling that this is her special day. Allowing the groom-to-be to take part in the selection of his tuxedo gives him the security that he has some say in the matter and yet he does not have to take on the pressure of coordinating things beyond his range of comfort (i.e. event colors, flower selection etc.) The choosing of the tuxedo is a win-win scenario for all involved. In doing this, the balance and harmony of the wedding is maintained and the men enjoy themselves as much as the women knowing that this was a team effort.

Yours in planning,

M. “Israel” Israul

Heavenly Haven Productions

Account Executive/Tuxedo Specialist

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