Contact is Key


Contact is Key

Many vendors feel as though it is considered too pushy when contacting potential customers more than once. Not so! Remember that the brides expressed interest in your services. They want what you have.

Being pushy is making repeat phone calls and emails to individuals who have not previously shown regard to your company. A successful bridal show experience can be affected by how well the vendor strategically plans when and how frequently follow ups will be made.

According to, 80% of final sales are typically solidified on the 5th follow up correspondence after the initial meeting between the vendor and customer.

Also, keep a log of the brides and their guests, and get several modes of communication like day and evening phone numbers. Your log can also include the level of interest that each bride has for your services. If permissible, ask the bridal show host if bridal leads will be given to vendors!

At the bridal show, offer multiple methods of contact via email, phone, social media, and company websites. Consider purchasing an ad in the bridal show’s program. Programs are distributed to attendees and vendors, and are a fantastic way to be remembered following the bridal show. Often times, brides keep the bridal show programs after the conclusion of the show.

For maximum exposure, consider bridal show website advertisement. Bridal show producers offer advertisement in the form of banner and logo listings. Brides will browse the host’s website to familiarize themselves with the vendors who will be in attendance. Put your company front and center!

Follow this link for our banner ads & logo listing options!


Exhibitors Booth Basics

Setup your booth to be inviting! Create a presence to remember!

We offer electricity with our exhibitor’s booths for a small fee. This is a great way to liven up your station. Think lights, cameras, action. Your setup should represent your brand and showcase your experience. Bring your A game. Let the brides know what unique services and skills you offer for their wedding day.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Ask yourself: “What makes my booth interesting? Why would a bride want to visit my exhibit?

Think of things that have caught your eye when you are out and about. What was the display? Was their music? Did the lighting draw your attention?

Appeal to your guests’ senses? Lights, sounds, smells, hands on items to preview or sample. Recreate the environment of your photography studio or special events venue.

Think of your booth as if you were on stage in a play. What would the set look like? When brides visit your booth, they should be walking into a glimpse of the atmosphere that they will experience on their wedding day.


You’ve Got It in the Bag!

There are so many exciting details to a bridal show experience! One of the most relished items is the goody bag!

Our show includes three types of giveaways: the raffle, VIP swag bags, and general admission swag bags.

When deciding on the appropriate items to include in the goody bags, think of something that will help guests remember your company. Make it fun, be creative, consider gifts that you would enjoy!

Our general admission swag bags may include items ranging from business cards, coupons, and bookmarks, to gift cards and disposable cameras. The VIP swag bags must include tangible items that brides can use.

Below is a list of awesome items worth considering when putting together a swag bag!

Items do not have to be large. Travel-sized items are ideal.

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