What is the big deal with tuxedo choices?

July 30th, 2013 | by Weddingsforever | 0 comments | Weddings

Many times, when it comes to getting a tuxedo we find ourselves surrounded by choices: blue, black, shawl collar, peak collar etc. What is the “big deal” with all of these choices? One might ask, “Why can’t I just choose a black tuxedo and call it a day?” Well, of course you could and many do but is this the most informed decision that you can make? One must take into consideration that a solid black, standard tuxedo can do almost “any job” but is it the best decision for your event? Is this the best fit for your desired experience, fit and location? See, there are many questions one can begin asking when it comes to tuxedos – and important questions they are.

Here are a few things to consider when considering tuxedos:

    1) What is the location and setting of/for your event?

    2) What is the theme of your event?

3) What are the colors of your event theme?

Once you have answered the above questions it may become clear that a standard black tuxedo may not always be the right choice. The proper tuxedo has the ability to enhance your theme and event’s location. You want to make sure that you fully explain to your tuxedo associate as much as you can about your event. Always bring a color swatch or color sample to compare to the in-store tuxedo fabrics. Doing the aforementioned things will aid in choosing the right tux. Ask your associate about their available collections. A solid selection of suit variety is a plus for any tux shopper. Ask about pleated versus flat pant styles and all available colors for the suit style you desire. Ask about accompanying jewelry for your shirt as well as pocket squares for your suit coat. All of these items are an important factor in getting the right tux for you. These things are the “Big Deal” in tuxedo selection.

The following are a few of OUR (HHP) collection styles to consider for your next event.

  • Diamond-plus

  • Damond

  • Platinum

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Budget

Below are 3 pictures representing 3 suits from different collections. There are several suits in most of our collections so these are just 3 examples. We have shown these in order to show you the different styles which exist in separate collections. Notice the difference in style and cut.

Budget Collection       Silver Collection      Diamond Plus


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